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Pendle Witch Whiskey

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Delight the whisky enthusiast in your life with a bespoke gift from Pendle Witch Distillery. Our gift cards are tailored to offer a world of fine spirits and artisanal excellence. Connect with us to arrange this special present and we'll ensure your gift conveys the extraordinary experience of Pendle Witch's unique offerings. Contact Gary at [email protected].

Pendle Witch Whiskey


Experience the superior quality of whiskey that reflects the dedication and passion of Pendle Witch Distillery.

Invest in a bottle of our carefully-aged whiskey today, and let our passion for the craft guide you on an unforgettable taste journey.

Savour the distinct flavours of Pendle Witch Distillery with our individually sold 500ml whiskey bottles.

Each bottle encapsulates a unique spirit, aged for a minimum of three years and one day in a 200L barrel. Over time, the whiskey matures into a rich, nuanced beverage that carries the unmistakable taste of our craft.

Every sip of our meticulously-aged whiskey offers a deep dive into the heart of our artisanal distillation process, from the Ribble Valley Grain to your Glass.


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