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Pendle Witches

Pendle Witches

The early 1600s witnessed one of the most notable and meticulously documented witch trials in English history, right here in the vicinity of Pendle Hill.

Twelve locals, hailing from Pendle Hill and the surrounding areas, were charged with practising witchcraft. Among them, nine women and two men were brought to trial, with all but one found guilty and tragically executed for their supposed crimes.

This dramatic piece of history heavily influences our local tourism, casting a captivating spell over the area that continues to enthral visitors.

At Pendle Witch Distillery, we’re passionate about encapsulating this unique historical provenance in our craft.

Our goal is to create a locally-inspired, compelling artisan whisky that resonates with this riveting past.

Witches hat patent

David Moore, our founder, had a vision – to revolutionise the distillation process with a unique ‘Witches Hat Still’.

By introducing a flange around the lower section of the still’s helmet, the intention was to diffuse heat, enhancing the process known as reflux. As vapour ascends, it condenses on the helmet and recirculates back into the pot still.

This reflux action serves two critical functions – it purges impurities and amplifies the alcohol’s flavour. A purer vapour streams through the swan neck, ultimately condensing into a clean alcohol boasting a unique taste profile.

While this additional step lengthens the distillation process, we firmly believe the superior quality of our whisky is well worth the effort.

At Pendle Witch Distillery, we take immense pride in our craft. Our commitment to excellence is embodied in every drop of our distinctively-crafted whisky.

The Witches Hat Still

Here is the new take on an age-old tradition of distillation, being installed on site.

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