Pendle Witch Distillery


Whiskey glasses - Pendle Witch Distillery

What we do

Located in the shadow of historic Pendle Hill, Pendle Witch Distillery is a passionate artisan producer of exceptional single malt whiskies.

Our carefully-crafted selection includes a rich, aromatic Islay-style and a smooth, refined Speyside-style, alongside a distinctive Bourbon-style liquor made with 50% corn and our unique small-barrel Moonshine Straight whisky. 

Each of our spirits narrates a story of local heritage and superior craftsmanship, reflecting the vibrant culture and the unique spirit of the Ribble Valley.

Every bottle we produce is a testament to our ‘Grain to Glass’ ethos, capturing our commitment to quality, tradition, and innovation. 

The Process

In keeping with our commitment to authenticity and locality, we source our core ingredients – grain and water – directly from local farms.

This practice underpins our ‘Grain to Glass‘ philosophy, capturing the pure essence of the Ribble Valley in every bottle we craft.

Leveraging a patented distillation process and bespoke equipment, we’ve transformed time-honoured whisky-making traditions.

The result is a collection of spirits that boast an unparalleled depth of flavour and richness, which offers an unforgettable taste experience.

You need to taste it to fully appreciate it, so why not come on one our tours and sample the flavour for yourself.

Site overlooking Pendle Hill
David Moore checking the still before delivery

Who we are

Born and bred in the heart of the Ribble Valley, our founder David Moore has always been captivated by the rich history and natural beauty of his home.

His deep-rooted connection with the area has fueled his passion for creating a whisky that embodies the essence of Pendle Hill and the Ribble Valley.

In 2020, he embarked on this exciting journey, harnessing locally-sourced ingredients and an innovative distillation process. A vision: to craft a whisky that unmistakably resonates with the spirit of Pendle Hill and the Ribble Valley.

The picture shows David in Germany, meticulously inspecting the still prior to delivery – a testament to his dedication to quality and his relentless pursuit of perfection.